Esports betting has increased in recent years along with the growing popularity of the esports industry as a whole

First person shooter games, also known as FPS games, have played a big role in this development, especially when it comes to names like CS:GO and Overwatch. Let’s see how these two titles cemented their position as one of the best FPS games for esports fans.

CS: Go

Regardless of your preference for eSports events, it’s hard to avoid CS:GO (along with Counter Strike) being one of the most popular out there. In 2000, tactical first-person shooter games were the most popular in the world. The competitive scene is constantly creating entirely new online marketplaces. CS:GO betting is now available through various esports bookies. Sporting events such as the E-League, Intel Extreme Masters, and DreamHack Series attracted the most attention. A game can last up to 30 rounds, with the winner being the one who reaches 16 first. If the match ends in a 15-15 draw, extra time may be used to determine the winner. Although the main objective of the game is to place a bomb before time runs out, CS:GO betting sites are becoming increasingly popular due to the many additional game features that players can bet on.

In the CS:GO betting market, customers can bet on the winner of an individual match, tournament or major esports event. Ante-post or long-term bets are usually offered until the start of the tournament. However, there are various additional markets during the event. Many team building events allow you to bet on individual group winners and qualifiers, and live betting is also popular on CS:GO betting sites. Also, since there is strong competition between Asian and American teams, some bookmakers allow consumers to bet on the nationality of the winning team.

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More than watching

Even though Overwatch only launched in 2016, it quickly became one of the most popular esports titles, garnering more weekly views than classic titles like World of Warcraft. While Overwatch is not a standard multiplayer online combat (MOBA) game like League of Legends or Dota 2, or a first-person shooter like CS:GO, Overwatch is a unique blend of the two. Tournaments in games that are already highly competitive keep bettors on their toes. A number of eSports bookmakers were quick to offer Overwatch betting markets from tournaments around the world, and many eSports fans were hoping for a few bucks.

Many well-known tokens already offer opportunities for Overwatch. The European Boxing Championship is one of several competitions in which teams from the United States and Europe compete. Since the talent gap between the pro and rookie teams in Overwatch is still huge due to the relatively short lifespan of the game, understanding which players and formations to bet on can greatly improve your eSports betting strategy. Also, due to the young market, odds can vary widely between different bookmakers, which is why it’s important to look for the best deals.

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