Former Austrian chancellor is said to be facing a move to the US company Palantir

Former Austrian chancellor is said to be facing a move to the US company Palantir

As was to be expected of him, the tabloid media in Austria announce their plans for the future: 35-year-old former chancellor Sebastian Kurz is apparently coming to the United States soon. tabloids kronenzeitung And Austria reported over Christmas weekend that he would start a top managerial job in the United States from February. Website express Says Kurz’s future employer is the data analysis company Palantir. The American company Palantir provides software for analyzing large amounts of data and is quite controversial – not only because of the Secret Service’s collaboration with the CIA.

In Palantir, Kurz can meet Laura Rudas, the former federal manager of the SPO, who left politics at the age of 33 and has been working there since 2015. Kurz had abandoned his law studies and joined the federal government in 2011 as Secretary of State for Unity. He was foreign minister and twice federal chancellor – 17 months in alliance with the FPO, 21 months in alliance with the Greens. To rise to the top, he and some of his closest political associates are said to have conducted elections with the help of taxpayer money, which were carried in the tabloid media. Austria have appeared. When these allegations became public, Kurz resigned as the first federal chancellor. In early December he announced his return from politics – on the grounds that he wanted more time for family.

posing with baby for photographer

But apparently he doesn’t want to step out of the limelight completely. because he posed for her with his partner Susan kronenzeitung When walking with a stroller. Now giving sleepless nights, now giving her just one month old baby, no judicial inquiry, it is reported.

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Last week there were new revelations from his surroundings. The trigger was again chat messages from Thomas Schmidt, a former confidante of Kurz. The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Trade and Corruption brought serious charges against him and the entrepreneur Siegfried Wolf, who advised Kurz on economic issues and who recently caused a sensation by taking over a plant from MAN in Austria. Last week, a search of the house was also done in this case.

Wolf is said to have tried to avoid paying back taxes in the millions. Not only Schmid but then-Finance Minister Hans-Georg Schelling, who at the time asked its Secretary General in the ministry: “Please delete the SMS immediately,” is said to have acted. It is well known that investigators were able to restore approximately 300,000 chat messages that had already been deleted by Schmidt, the contents of which eventually triggered the resignation of Gernot Blumel, the finance minister of Kurz and Schelling’s successor.

eleven seven million became tax debt

Findings that have now leaked show that automobile manager Wolf had threatened to pay back tax of eleven million euros. Ultimately, Wolf paid about seven million more, and more than 630,000 euros, which were attributable to interest, were taken care of. The then secretary general reminded an employee in the finance ministry who opposed this favoritism to the millionaires he worked for: “Don’t forget – you’re hacking into the VP cabinet! You’re a prostitute for the rich.”

Wolf kept in close contact with the head of his tax office. Not only did he call the police officer, he also met him at a motorway service station. Wolf also ensured through Schmid that he was promoted to a position in another department as requested. The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Trade and Corruption has therefore made allegations of bribery and corruption. Since only about half of Schmid’s report has been evaluated so far, further investigation is expected. Kurz himself claims his innocence and claims: “ten years is enough in politics.”

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