New lab aims to get Moers students excited about science

New lab aims to get Moers students excited about science

Filder Benden’s High School in Moers now houses a state-of-the-art technology laboratory. Its aim is to make science attractive to the youth.

How can children and young people get excited about the natural sciences? The best way to do this is to introduce them to the subject in a practical digital fabrication lab, or FabLab, and let them tinker with it. The high school in Filder Benden in Moers was able to open its “fantastic” school FabLab last Friday and thus become “part of the international network of workshops open to digital production”. The network is initiated by the Rheinwal University of Applied Sciences and the Education Authority for the Wessel District.

In his welcome address, the Vice President of the University, Prof. Kisters likened FabLab to a sandpit, in which ideas can be implemented in a practical and creative way. Precisely because creative problem-solving abilities are becoming more and more important in future-oriented business fields, it makes sense to lay a foundation for solving technical and scientific problems in school.

Mores. Many well-known guests attended the opening ceremony in

The opening ceremony delivered with guests from the Ministry of Education (Ms. Chung), Science (Prof. Nebe and Prof. Schiele), Business (Daniel Bouton, Managing Director of HKS Informatique GmbH), the District Government and the City of Morse. An opportunity to marvel at the many facets of FabLab. Electric circuits are a compulsory subject in class VI physics lessons.

At FabLab, students built model houses with solar collectors, light barriers, and doorbell buttons with welcome chords. Not only is it possible to glue, cut and drill on FabLab’s workspace, but also using computer controlled equipment such as 3D printers, scanners, cutting plotters and laser cutters.

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School principal Arndt van Huet was particularly pleased with the laser cutter, which was made possible by donations from Forderverein and Sparda-Bank West: “The use of laser cutters greatly expands teaching production possibilities. In the future, for example, Art lessons can be more interdisciplinary. That way we can encourage more creativity.”

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