Scary Olympics: Toyota robot hits basketball with razor-sharp precision

Scary Olympics: Toyota robot hits basketball with razor-sharp precision

A Toyota robot turns free throws into basketball with incredible accuracy. Even if you have little interest in the Olympics, you should have watched this video.

Starts throwing and hits…. once again. Toyota Robot Q 03. (Source: Screenshot)

  • A Toyota robot made a guest appearance at the Olympics in Japan.
  • Humanoid CUE 3 showcases his skills during a basketball game.
  • Q3 struck not only from the three-point line but also from the center circle.

For many years, Toyota Robot CUE 3 has been delighting basketball fans with its accuracy. Humanoid now made a guest appearance Olympic Games in Japan. During the half-time break in the men’s game between the United States and France, unusual robot It is possible.

Unlike previous appearances, this time the CUE started without extra safety – and immediately converted all throws, even more than twenty meters away from the center circle. Watch the short video below.

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The robot equipped with artificial intelligence automatically picks up the ball with its hands, uses optical sensors to calculate the optimal throwing position, and then adjusts the position of the arms and legs. and he can Thanks for the e-roller skates Move freely even on a flat surface.

Robots like CUE mainly work Demonstration of what is technically feasible. In addition, manufacturers expect such high-profile demonstrations to increase public acceptance of the robot. But we can’t help each other – the somehow crooked humanoid looks a little scary.

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