150 million users affected: Google starts with a big change

150 million users affected: Google to implement new rules by year's end

Google wants to make two-factor authentication mandatory for many users in the future. The company announced these plans a few months back, but re-emphasizes the same blog post As part of “Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month” in October. According to this, Google plans to automatically equip about 150 million users with this feature by the end of the year.

Now first users are reporting that their Google login has already been provided with two-factor authentication. At present, this feature was initially rolled out only for the US region. But other countries are likely to follow suit soon.

As the change has taken place, customers will receive a query on their smartphone when they log into their Google Account. This is two-factor authentication. Login will be allowed as soon as you confirm that you have tried to log in yourself. If your password ever falls into the wrong hands, you can deny the request.

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Google: 2FA imposed on users for security reasons

In the future, Google users will see this notification when they log in.

Image: Google

Users must first manually deactivate two-factor authentication in the Google Account settings if they do not wish to use it. Google justifies the forced move to 2FA with the fact that otherwise only a few users would use or be aware of the feature. So everyone can still decide for themselves whether the feature is needed, while everyone else has basically more protection.

In the future, the company also wants to work on options that no longer require a password. took the same step Microsoft recently started this.

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