2:16! Canada gives a bitter lesson to German mini cadres

Die deutsche U20-Nationalmannschaft kassierte gegen Kanada eine zweistellige Klatsche.  (Foto: dpa/picture alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

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After 22 seconds it was already clear where the journey was headed – as Dylan Cogens had already hit after the German goal in this opening time. Kaden Guhle took it until the second minute before setting up the Canadian lead with a hit on the short side. The eighth minute was bitter as goalkeeper Arno Tiffens, who played a very strong game against Finland, made a fas pace: outnourried, he messed up the disc behind the goal, so that Dawson Mercy went into the empty goal with a pawn move 2 -0. was successful. Schick had a German goal in the 14th minute: Unlocked by Florian Elias, JJ Peterka hit the power play in the short corner. Brayden Schneider of Canada received five minutes and a game penalty after first checking Jan-Luca Schumacher’s head.

One minute after the connection, Philippe Tomasino used a counterattack to make it 3–1. Obviously a well-deserved lead for the better Canadians – but 4–1 just before the first break was annoying at this stage. Tiefensee let the puck advance, Peyton Krebs followed – but the fading clock showed the time was up. Nevertheless, the referee set the target for Canada after video evidence. Why it remained completely unclear. The report mentioned 19:58 as the goal time, although the referee set the time after the hit by the remaining 0.2 seconds. During the break, captain Tim Stutzley said “four goals given in a third are not acceptable”.

It quickly became apparent that the surprise at 1: 4 was only a snapshot. Because Jonas Gehr, now in the gate, cannot prevent Canadians from participating in it. In the second third, the hosts made it into double digits. The Maple Leafs scored a full seven goals in the middle section and another five in the final third. With the German team – be it field players or goalkeepers – nothing came together. Canada continued to exert pressure, but with hardly any resistance. Florian Elias scored the second goal in the final minute.

On Tuesday night (3.30 pm, Magenta Sport), Slovakia is the next rival of the German U20 national team.

Tore: 1: 0 (1:54) Guhle (Byfield, Pelletier), 2: 0 (7:27) Mercer (4-5), 2: 1 (13:12) Peterka (Elias, Stutzle / 5-4) , 3: 1 (14:20) Tommasino, 4: 1 (19:58) Krebs (Cozens, McMichael / 5-4), 5: 1 (22:40) Mercer (Tomasino, Drysdale), 6: 1 (25 ): 36) Suzuki (Mercer), 7: 1 (26:40) Newhook (Cozens), 8: 1 (30:59) Newhook (Cozens), 9: 1 (33:01) Tommasino (Baron, Mercer), 10: 1 (38:14) Cozens, 11: 1 (39:51) Krebs (Perfect), 12: 1 (40:37) Cozens (McMichael, Perfetti / 5-4), 13: 1 (44:33) Cozens (Newhook, Holloway), 14: 1 (45:02) Pelletier (Byram, Byfield), 15: 1 (46:24) Harley (Perfect, Krebs), 16: 1 (48:38) McMill (4-5) ), 16: 2 (59:42) Elias (Peterka, Gnip / 5-4).

Penalties: Canada 8 + 5 + playing time (Schneider), Germany 8.

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