2:16: That’s why Germany lost so much game against Canada

2:16: That's why Germany lost so much game against Canada

Background of a suspected U20 World Cup in ice hockey
12/27/2020 5:34 PM

Arno Tiefensee messed up the puck behind the goal, a short time later both were in goal.

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In the five-minute cut, the scene was shown three times. After all, even in the toughest game of ice hockey, players are not regularly seen upside down on the boards. But what really happened to Bowen Byram in the 36th minute of this strange game. Otherwise, the broadcaster TSN focuses primarily on the German player who briefly replaced Barham. Great attention for Tim Stutzley, whose team lost 2:16 to Canada, yes, exactly, two to sixteen.

Junior World Championship is more important than adult world championship

Despite the epidemic, the U20 World Cup has been held in Edmonton since the first public holiday. The Junior World Championship is more important in world ice hockey than the adult world championship in May. In Canada, Santa Claus arrives at night, after the morning is presented, families gather in front of the TV to watch the future of their favorite sport and watch the team with the Maestle Leaf. TV stations such as TSN pay a lot of money to broadcast the tournament. For this reason, a suspected World Union like IIHF, which insists on holding the World Cup in May with a dictator in Belarus, did not even think of canceling the tournament.

And this is what the young men did not do in December: They boarded planes to spend Christmas with moist youths and other young men in the snow. This was the plan. The reality is very different for the German national team.

Tobias Enika should have stood at the gate in Edmonton because he had been infected with Sir-COV-2 before leaving, so he had to stay home like his colleague in Berlin. Florian Bugel should have represented Enrica in Edmonton, her test negative before departure, her test after coming positive in Canada.

Ice Tigers: “We Will Win The Game”

Since then, Bugle has been isolated in a hotel room, he is fine, he does yoga so as not to stress himself too much while his family celebrates Christmas in a landshoot and his colleagues at Rogers Place next door. Play ice hockey There are 14 players left for the opening game against Finland. They were not allowed to train beforehand. Nevertheless it was enough for a respectable 3: 5. But 24 hours later the resting hosts waited – it was to end in a historic defeat.

Investigation at talent fair for NHL

At first, head coach Tobias Abstreiter’s team performed well, but goalkeeper Arno Tiferens was not up to level that day, it was 1: 4 after 20 minutes. Tiffens was released, but Jonas Gehr made the same mistakes and scored seven goals in the second section alone. There would have been some excuse.

Ice Tigers 1, Ingolstadt 4: Better, but not enough

Who knows, if the Ice Tigers had scored maybe 2: 1 and 3: 1 after a 1–1 draw, Frank Fisher would have known after the loss in the first home game of the young DEL season. Will happen. Will happen. Bicycle chain. The head coach must have heard this. Fisher still has a problem explaining why his team is playing well in the face of extremely small and complex preparations and still loses outright. Sebastian Bauhm took a closer look at 1: 4 against ERC Ingolstadt based on photos by Thomas Hahn and came to the conclusion: It would be fine, but it might take a little time.

Service providers were still angry. For the managers of the NHL, the U20 World Cup is a type of fair, where talents present themselves for the next draft, or where talents prove that they are not taken early, later, or at all in the final draft. Therefore, the focus was on Stutzley, who was selected third by the Ottawa Senators. Despite the personal successes of Leon Dreiszeit, it is still a risk, as a 17-year-old man like Steusel could prevail in the DEL against the Ice Tigers, but that doesn’t mean he is capable of doing so in the NHL either.

It was for this reason that Stutzl began to turn his frustration into a rigorous investigation, killing Biyram in his absence. “Unacceptable”, the captain called his team’s performance. It did not hurt itself.

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