3 Habits at 20 That Will Lead to Burnout by 30

Burnout mit 20

The causes of burnout are complex: overwork, lack of recognition or lack of control. Once suffering from burnout, those affected feel burned out and powerless. Consequence: You can’t concentrate well, you make mistakes at work and you just have trouble switching off. You think all of these things apply to you and you’re about to be in your early 20s burn out stand? Then you should take a closer look at your habits in everyday life. In this article you will learn why changing your daily routine can prevent burnout.

Habits That Lead to Burnout

Burnout: Workaholics are no longer a problem

The term burnout was first mentioned in 1974 by psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. he felt himself Tired and burned for a long time, Because he worked too much. He wrote down his experiences during this difficult time and that is how burnout syndrome got its name. For a long time it was believed that managers and workaholics are particularly affected by this syndrome and After some time of modification a big fire breaks out. Today we know that young people who make their own Abitur or who are new to the world of work can also suffer from burnout.

Journalist Anne Helen gives an example of this in her essay in 2019 How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation Given. it has description youHow many bisexual millennials really are. in one hand Highly ambitious, perfectionist and goal oriented, On the other hand, however, we fail in the simplest of tasks like paying our bills on time. Anne describes this state as follows work paralysis, In German: Complete paralysis.

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But what does this event look like in numbers? Since burnout is still not a medical diagnosis, doctors treat it as a Z73 described. it is about around “Problems related to difficulties in coping with life”. This includes in addition to burnout As well as physical and mental stress.

About 13 years ago, according to data from Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance with approximately 621,000 patients Diagnosis Z73 was treated. About eight years later, In 2017, there were already 945,706 people. The study did not reveal who actually suffered from burnout. However, mental health issues seem to be an increasingly common problem.

Study shows: More and more youth are suffering from stress

Anne Helen’s essay also made it clear that young people are far more perfectionists than they were a few years ago. For example, the journalist observed that, as mentioned earlier, millennials From the very beginning he felt that he has to perform well and always achieve the best of himself. As a result, it is very difficult for young people to make mistakes and sometimes postpone things until the next day.

More and more youth are suffering from mental stress. photo: Photo: Unsplash

Another reason the growth between 2009 and 2017 is so large, according to the executive director of Central Institute of Medical Care, Dominic Graf von Stilfried that Mental diseases are also more established in the society today. always go like this More People are ready to go to therapists and ask for help.

These 3 everyday habits can promote burnout

Have you been going over your limits lately and feel powerless and tired some days? What habits in your life can play a major role in:

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1. Your smartphone rules your life

Call here, message there: A smartphone that doesn’t stand still requires constant attention. A 2017 study found that people be interrupted for 2.8 seconds, make double mistakes Compared to not having to bother with calls or texts.

ignore the narcissist
While working, it is better to put the cell phone away more often to be able to focus better. photo: Getty Images/Katherine Falls Commercial

Better: Put your smartphone away or mute it more often in everyday life. Especially when you have to focus on important projects.

2. Laptop, TV and company to sleep

Looking at the laptop, smartphone or TV screen till late at night is absolutely not helpful for a restful sleep. This is because broadcast blue light, which suppresses melatonin production, Result: A shorter and worse sleep. And after a long, tiring day, a good night’s sleep is essential to feeling rested and refreshed the next day.

Better: Schedule a time to turn off all electronic devices. Pick up a book instead of your smartphone. If you want to do some physical activity then you can also do yoga.

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3. Never Switch Off

Work, go to family and then do household chores. With this workload there really isn’t time to switch off. Still, it’s important to give yourself some time. To remove all the stress and start your daily life again with new energy.

Better: Make room for yourself and also do things that have nothing to do with duties, but things that make you happy. It can be a short trip to the sea or a relaxing swim with a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Prevent Burnout: Give Yourself a Little Rest

There are several little tricks you can use to make yourself feel less burned out. try to listen to yourself more often and If it becomes too much for you to take a few days out of a situation. This is the only way you get a chance to achieve the performance that you have set yourself. And by the way: if all these tips do not help you, then seeking help is not a weakness!

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