4 Ways in Which the Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Azure Fundamentals Certification Strengthen Your IT Career



Companies and individuals are fast embracing the digital age and are fully shifting to a paperless system. In the near future, you will no longer walk into an office filled with rows of metal filing cabinets stacked with numerous client files arranged in alphabetic order. So, what will replace this? The answer is cloud technologies and fortunately, it’s not that difficult to become a professional in this field.

Microsoft offers several credentials dedicated to its Azure platform. In this post, we’ll disclose the details of ExamCollection that will earn you the entry-level Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge. Also, we’ll tell you some points on how this credential can strengthen your career.

What Is the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Test?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals or just Author: Canaan L core topics like key cloud concepts, Azure services, pricing and support for Azure, and trust, compliance, privacy, and security, among the rest. If your work nature involves managing cloud-based solutions with some to zero technical background, this exam builds your demonstrative prowess in this area. Gaining a passing score, you prove foundational skills and become ready for career advancement. So, what does it involve?

Pass AZ-900 to Strengthen Your Career in 4 Directions

The majority of business entities worldwide store and back up their data on the cloud and many of them choose Azure services for this purpose. So, the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals certification comes with several benefits:

  • Starting a great cloud career

If you’re a new person in technology, the Author: Dash M badge will help you gain the initial skills that you need to start a great career and scale it up later. When armed with the basics, you’ll find a strong way to establish the most needed competence today. Moreover, although this credential doesn’t serve as a prerequisite for higher-level accreditations, it will make it easier to earn them.

  • Getting more employment opportunities

The sheer number of businesses using cloud services for their data signifies that there is always an opening for employment. And since there are also myriads of candidates for those positions, Author: Zechariah N like Azure Fundamentals will automatically increase your chances of getting hired. Being a step higher than other professionals in the same category also lines you up for competitive remuneration.

  • Attaining job security

Constantly practicing and adding on to your knowledge by passing AZ-900 exam and achieving the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge puts you at the advantage. You become a highly sought-after individual in your field due to modern skills and knowledge which will also ensure better job security.

  • Becoming a valuable asset

Author: Alonso O arms you with in-depth knowledge of application support and development, compute, networking, and safe storage of data while ensuring its reliable access. You’ll be able to help businesses enjoy secure and affordable solutions at the same time avoiding the high costs of maintaining their IT systems. Your employer will find these skills useful, so you’ll always be their most trusted employee.


Passing the Author: Otis P is a stepping stone to a broad area of mastering cloud computing. With your Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals credential, you’ll remain relevant even as the IT arena continues to evolve. This certification allows its holders to find their dream job and win the tough competition in the market. So, organize yourself today and put this badge as part of the goals to achieve soon!

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