7.5 ton truck will soon make history? DB Schenker Depends on Huge Cargo E-Bike

7.5 ton truck will soon make history?  DB Schenker Depends on Huge Cargo E-Bike

25 km/h rear with half a ton of cargo: This is a new test concept from DB Schenker Freight Forwarders in Hamburg. An emissions neutrality project.

Mobility Transition in Logistics

Although parties are accused of not putting enough pressure on election campaigns to meet climate protection goals, there are some companies that are at least setting a good example. Even if only in small test projects, such as the supply chain of logistics giant DB Schenker.

In Hamburg, it is now attempting to distribute some of its cargo entirely electrically. The new electric trio includes an electric-powered delivery van and two cargo bikes like never before. Big, tall, pedal-powered: A project like this revels in a whole new light the debate about potential subsidies for cargo bikes. At DB Schenker, e-bikes are replacing not only cars, but older diesel trucks as well.

One area for 0.5 tonnage and three pallets

The emission-free electric fleet is now operating through Hamburg under the motto “It’s green”. The electrically powered eCenter brings the cargo from the warehouse to Altona, where it is towed and delivered in two cargo bikes. Cargo bikes are completely new and will be attracting a lot of attention soon.

With a length of seven meters and a load capacity of half a ton, “Megaliner” moves not on two, not on three, but on five wheels. Although the floor space of the loading space provides room for three pallets, the e-bike has notable advantages over traditional 7.5-ton trucks. The design allows the cargo e-bike to get ahead of traffic jams and take short shortcuts, as the vehicle is not very wide despite its length.

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A Guide to Pleasant Urban Life

XXL cargo bike is loud information from railways Plus, it’s “surprisingly maneuverable and can bypass any traffic jam—and it does so cleanly and quietly.” It’s not just emissions that conventional vans blow into the air that are increasingly burdening city dwellers.

Many people especially feel permanently disturbed by noise. Electromobility, on the other hand, is quiet. Accordingly, DB Schenker’s self-promotion is emblazoned in capital letters on the electric truck: “Here the wind blows the fastest.”

One can only hope that this concept will become more popular in the future. unfortunately it is According to information from hamburger morganpost There is currently no expansion of the electric delivery fleet at DB Schenker. However, she too is no exception to this. DB Schenker has been using some small cargo bikes for transportation within the city for a long time.

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