75-page defense: Trump lawyers: impeachment is “political theater”

75-page defense: Trump lawyers: impeachment is "political theater"

75-party defense
Trump Lawyers: Impeachment is “political theater”

Shortly before impeachment proceedings against former US President Trump begin, his lawyers are already taking heavy action against the 74-year-old accused. In a long statement, they want to clarify that the process of impeachment is not lawful.

Donald Trump’s lawyers have called the impeachment proceedings against the former US president in the Senate unconstitutional. In a statement published by the US media, defense attorneys called for an immediate dismissal of the case against Republicans, which was decided by the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats.

Advocates argue, inter alia, in a 75-page document that the process is illegal because Trump is no longer in office. You accuse Democrats of “political theater”. Democratic prosecutors in the House of Representatives called the evidence against Trump “overwhelming”. This is no defense to its actions, it said in its statement on Tuesday, a day before the talks began in the Senate. “Trump violated his oath of office and betrayed the American people. Growing rebellion against the United States government – which hindered the peaceful transfer of power – is the worst constitutional crime ever committed by a president . ”

The former president is accused of “inciting a riot” as his supporters created a ruckus at the Capitol on 6 January. The 74-year-old is accused of inciting his supporters in the riots just before a rally in Washington. Trump said in his address, “If you don’t fight like the devil, you won’t have the country.” Trump’s defense lawyers argue that the then president only called for a fight for the general security of the election. Furthermore, his address was covered by the right to freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution.

Prosecutors deny this. In its statement, it said that the House of Representatives did not “induce” Trump to express an unpopular political opinion. In his indictment, Democrats are demanding a federal ban on not only a conviction but also Trump. May thwart Trump’s candidacy in the 2024 presidential election.

Convocation is considered unlikely

The two-thirds majority required for a belief is not in sight: 17 Republicans must vote with 50 Democrats. A vote on a question about the test’s admissibility revealed that only a handful of Republicans are considering voting for a conviction. Democrats argue that the lawsuit against the former president is legitimate because it concerns malpractice during his tenure. They also state that the House of Representatives decided to open the process on 13 January before Trump left office.

The second impeachment proceedings against Trump entered a heated phase with the start of negotiations in the Senate on Tuesday. Discussions should take a few days. The exact rules for the process and program should be published at the beginning.

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