A man meets a puma: what his dog does again, fascinates thousands.

A man meets a puma: what his dog does again, fascinates thousands.

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A man meets a puma: what his dog does again, fascinates thousands.

A viral video shows a Canadian meeting a puma in the middle of the woods. Fortunately, his dog saves him from the animal.

British Columbia (Canada) – What a shock to this man! On planting a tree, he suddenly met a puma with his dog. But his loyal companion rescued him from the wild animal.

Puma shows its teeth dangerously. Labrador is not impressed and barks at the wild animal (R). © Image Montage / Screenshot: Youtube / ViralHog

What is unimaginable in this country for a Canadian man has become a bitter reality: he met a dangerous wild cat in the middle of a remote plantation on the west coast of British Columbia.

One that went viral Video On YouTube, which was filmed by the man himself, shows scenes of nerve-breaking encounters between the three contestants.

At first you can see the Black Labrador standing in the middle of the landscape in front of the Puma. His boss cautiously makes contact with his iPad, which he uses to film the encounter.

Puma opens his mouth with threats from his teeth. But the dog is not affected by it! He barks boldly at the wild animal. The owner also yells loudly to drive the wildcat away. But this does not detract from chance. Really dangerous situation!

The man’s animal companion really wants to protect its owner. Although the latter calls him back, the dog continues barking at Puma.

The cat still takes a few steps towards them. The video ends in just under a minute. Canadians state that he had put his iPad aside to throw a trunk of a small tree in Puma, where he eventually made war.

But why was the Canadian with an iPad in the middle of the jungle? The man has written about the short clip he works on as an administrator for trees and plants. Therefore, he often visits remote areas. Their Labrador is always there, to warn wild animals like Puma. He had an iPad, so that he could enter data on forest regeneration on the site.

People on the net were captivated by the affection of a four-legged friend. Truly a loyal companion and “great dog”, it was stated in many comments.

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