Abusive Behavior: Bookie is kicked out of “Love Island”!

Abusive Behavior: Bookie is kicked out of "Love Island"!

His behavior has dire consequences! bookie had come for love islandto find love. with grenade sandrin It felt great the first time. But after a short time, the beauty questioned the sincerity of the island. In addition, he presented early claim of ownership His chosen one, which he did not like at all. Now the bookie overflows the barrel with abusive behavior – and he has to leave the TV villa immediately!

In a short dance session, the situation escalated around the reality TV actor. Women should dance for boys. As Vanushka When it was his turn, disaster had its way. The bookie stood up without saying anything. It’s humiliating to watch Gora dance because she’s a duet with Mahdi, the bookie explained. But this action was not well accepted by his fellow campaigners. “It was a bullshit action,” said jendrik clear. Bucci’s behavior also fell on RTL2, as announced by spokesman Simon Beek: “Your treatment of Sandrine and a few others is so abusive, so abusive and so wrong that your time on ‘Love Island’ is over.”

Sandrine Bucci explained privately, “I no longer want to have the kind of relationship that doesn’t move me forward.” Others explicitly approved the bookie’s dismissal. “These childish acts, which are not speaking for us, because someone is respected, it is just insulting”Asked inna clear in this regard.

Sandrine and Bookie from “Love Island” in the spring of 2022
Sandrine and Bookie from “Love Island” in the spring of 2022
Jendrick, Bookie and Sandrine, “Love Island” 2022. but competitor
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