According to the report, Eva Harman and the right-wing network should conduct relocation

According to the report, Eva Harman and the right-wing network should conduct relocation

Such a scenario may be true in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada – a colony of right-wing extremists from Germany and conspiracy thinkers. As “Spiegel” reports in its current issue, Hundreds of Germans have settled on Cape Breton Island, which belongs to Nova Scotia. Cape Breton is four times the size of Saarland, but has only about 130,000 inhabitants.

Reportedly, residents of the new island were lured by right-wing doom prophet Andreas Pope and Eva Harman, pre-daily announcers and propagandists of right-wing populist thugs and Frank Eckhardt, who is close to the Reich’s citizens. . However, Herman and Pope should not work with it. Purchase contracts, valuations, court files and protocols are meant to prove that the properties on Cape Breton were sold to the Germans after attending a seminar by a right-wing knowledge factory established by the Pope.

Investment in crisis-proof Canada

The symposium that Pope and Herman are holding in Cape Breton predicts that the European economic and social system will collapse. The organizers are supposed to make their participants invest in troubled Canada and give them land for sale. Most probably superimposed.

“Spiegel” has documents that suggest Frank Eckhardt is motivating potential property buyers from Germany with right-wing propaganda. Eckhardt also sends e-mails with texts denying the Holocaust. Eckhardt’s activities were reported by Interpol Ottawa late last year to the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden.

Harman and Pope deny their involvement in the project. “Eva Harman does not know this man at all, she never saw him or talked to him. A statement said Andreas Pope has had no contact with Mr. Eckhardt for 15 years, as he has nothing to do with his controversial business dealings and political behavior. You want to take legal action against the news magazine report.

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