Afghanistan: Chinese Foreign Minister talks to Taliban

Afghanistan: Chinese Foreign Minister talks to Taliban

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi talks to Islamic extremists Taliban End Afghanistan directed. Ministers met in East Chinese metropolis tianjin A delegation met Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Foreign Ministry said peking With.

Wang Yi said that China does not want to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and wants friendly policies towards the Afghan people. after “hasty” deduction“Along with US troops and other NATO allies, the Afghan people face new opportunities to take the development of the nation into their own hands.

Taliban leader Baradar praised the Chinese side and called China a “trustworthy friend”.

Taliban has been withdrawing international troops since early May Multiple attacks in Afghanistan started and made great regional gains. They now control more than half of all the districts in the country. According to US President Joe Biden The US mission in Afghanistan ends at the end of August. Peace talks between Islamists and the government accept have been running since September last year, but these are on the spot

Russia wants to support Tajikistan with weapons

In view of the Taliban attack in Afghanistan Russia Neighbor announced Tajikistan To assist with weapons and equipment. Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shojgu announced that a joint military exercise will also be held on the border in the coming week. He attributed the worsening of the situation to the “hasty” withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan.

“Russia is ready to offer all assistance to our Tajik friends,” the defense minister stressed. About a week ago, the Tajikistan army conducted a major exercise to protest the advance of the Taliban in the neighboring country. This was the first such military exercise in the country’s 30-year history since independence. the Soviet Union. In Dushanbe the government also moved 20,000 troops to the border with Afghanistan.

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