Afghanistan: Taliban apparently wants to recruit army pilots

Afghanistan: Taliban apparently wants to recruit army pilots

NS Taliban Allegedly former pilots and soldiers of the Afghan Armed Forces want to be used to rebuild the army. There will be some changes and improvements in the army. “But we need them and we will ask them to join us,” Wahidullah Haschimi, who is familiar with the Taliban’s decision-making processes, told Reuters. It is unlikely that the soldiers will really be able to decide for themselves.

Above all, the Taliban needed pilots because they had none of their own, but helicopters and planes fell into their hands during the country’s lightning-fast conquest after the withdrawal of foreign troops. “Most of them completed their training in Turkey, Germany and England. So we will talk to them so that they can return to their posts,” Hashimi said accordingly. In addition, the Taliban is calling on neighboring countries to return military aircraft with which the troops have fled.

meeting with hamid karzai

Key Taliban members met with former Afghan president on Wednesday hamid karzai met in the capital Kabul. As the US Institute site, which specializes in evaluating Islamic websites, announced on Wednesday, the Taliban claimed that “they have forgiven all former government officials and therefore no one has to leave the country.” In addition to Karzai, the deposed government’s chief negotiator for the intra-Afghan peace process, To contact Abdullahto attend the meeting.

The Taliban released photos of Karzai with Taliban negotiator Anas Haqqani at peace talks in Doha. Anas Haqqani is the brother of Sirajuddin Haqqani, the deputy leader of the Taliban and the founder of the notorious Haqqani network.

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After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Karzai became the chairman of the US-backed government. He remained in this post till 2014. His successor Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday before the Taliban came to power. he is in abu dhabi.

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