After a long illness: Andrea Berg fulfills her mother’s lifelong dream

After a long illness: Andrea Berg fulfills her mother's lifelong dream

after a long illness
Andrea Berg fulfills her mother’s lifelong dream

“What we experienced are memories for life,” enthuses Andrea Berg. The pop singer has just returned from safari. With a ten-day journey, he fulfilled the greatest wish of his 78-year-old mother, Helga.

More recently, hit star Andrea Berg’s mother Helga Sel has recovered from a serious illness. To celebrate her recovery, the 78-year-old’s “I’ll do it again” interpreter has now fulfilled her heart’s greatest wish: The two women traveled to Africa with Berg’s daughter, Lena-Marie. He now told the “Build” newspaper about his adventurous vacation.

Have a good relationship: Andrea Berg and her mother Helga.

(Photo: Imago Images/Christian Schroeder)

Although she had many concerns about the arduous journey, the ten-day safari was her mother’s greatest wish, Berg explained. “My mom used a stick for the runs,” she continued. During the journey, Helga’s cells bloomed more and more. “Experiencing her like this was the biggest gift for Lena and me.”

“That was just the beginning”

The singer continued to grumble: “What we’ve experienced are memories for life.” Each of the three women had only two trousers and two safari blouses in their bag. “We were one with nature,” she said. They would stay in tented lodges, bathe outside and watch Africa’s wildlife in all its glory: “We felt as if someone had opened the doors to Noah’s ark and released all the animals: elephants, zebras, giraffes. , hippopotamus, antelope, monkey.”

From Johannesburg we went inland, then through the Zambezi River and rapids to the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana. Obviously, a trip around the world is on the agenda for the next Helga. “That was just the beginning,” he told Andrea Berg.

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