After Bachelorette-os: Dominic dated Bachelor winner Mimic

After Bachelorette-os: Dominic dated Bachelor winner Mimic

shocking love news Dominic Bobinger (31)! it’s from wednesday evening Bachelorette-The trip officially ended for Donauworth. rose distributor Maxime Herbord (26) did not see him as his Mr. Right and sent him House. The show was shot a few months ago now – and Dominic A lot has happened in love life. in conversation with promiflash Now chatted with Dating Showboy: After his expulsion, he had contact with Single-the winner Mimi Gwozzu.

After first rumors that the 31-year-old and Cologne-born woman have become close, Dominic confirms promiflash: “Yes, that’s right, we dated and met for a few days. We had a great time together and got along very well.” The two could laugh a lot together and always enjoyed their meetings. However, in the end, they did not become a couple.

But how did Gora and the project manager know each other? He also revealed that in an interview: “I got to know each other on social media after I left The Bachelorette. We were on the same wavelength immediately.” After that, they texted and called each other extensively – until the first spontaneous meeting occurred at some point.

Bachelorette participant Dominic Bobinger
“Celebrity Big Brother” resident Mimi Gwozza
Bachelorette participant Dominic Bobinger
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