AIRPORT BER – “We need money, we need cash”

AIRPORT BER - "We need money, we need cash"
Business liquidity problem

AIRPORT BER – “We need money, we need cash”

broken city of berlin

Archive – 09.10.2021, Brandenburg, Schönfeld: A woman passes through Terminal 1 at Berlin Brandenburg Capital Airport “Willi Brandt” (BER). airport disaster, election chaos, alDaily Disasters: It’s not easy for Berliners with their city. (dpa “Breakdown city Berlin: how do you get the capital back on the road?”) Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

Source: DPA / Christoph Soeder

BER’s airport company needs another 2.4 billion euros by 2026, says new airport boss Aletta von Maesenbach. He is “super bitter”. She also talks about the chaos in the autumn holidays at Berlin airport.

DThey opened BER airport a year ago, urgently needing the next public financial support to prevent bankruptcy. “We need money quickly, we need cash,” said new boss Aleta von Maesenbach interview with tagspiegle.

According to her, the liquidity of Berlin, Brandenburg and the Federal Airport Company (FBB), which she has been managing since October 1, will last “until the first quarter of 2022”. However, in mid-February the FBB had to make “a huge payment for the loan service,” says von Maesenbach. “We can’t service the debt ourselves for long.”

The FBB needs another 2.4 billion euros from its three owners by 2026. “The fact that we still need a lot of funding for BER is extremely bitter,” von Maesenbach said. There is no plan B. You can deny the scope of action. “BER is ready, you can run it and earn money. Or it just costs.”

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In interviews, von Maesenbach also assured that the results were drawn from the autumn holiday chaos with terminal congestion and missed flights. “I guarantee that we will do everything we can to make it run as smoothly as possible,” she said. “I can’t guarantee it will always work perfectly.”

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In view of coalition talks at the federal level and in the debate about a ban on short-haul flights into Berlin, von Maesenbach warned politicians against taking hasty steps. “Interventions should be carefully considered,” she said. “The theoretical banning of domestic German flights would also affect Germany’s relationship to the world.”

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Von Meisenbach, who succeeded BER boss Engelbert Lütke Daldrup, sees no real chance for the national airline. lufthansa To go from Berlin to the transcontinental connection. Along with Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Brussels and Vienna, the Lufthansa Group already has five centers in a much smaller area. “Another hub doesn’t fit. It’s sad for us, but it’s a reality.”

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WELT editor Stephen Aust

plain text. Stephen Ost on the situation

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