Aldi apologizes for “sudden” treatment of pregnant woman

Aldi apologizes for "sudden" treatment of pregnant woman

Aldi: “Any Humanity Is Missing” – Discounter apologizes for “suddenly” handling a heavily pregnant woman

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Aldi vs Lidl – Ultimate Comparison

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Indeed, many customers want Aldi Just do your shopping in peace. But sometimes unpleasant or difficult situations also arise.

Something like this experience a pregnant woman in a Aldi in Mannheim. She makes serious allegations against the discounter’s employees. He reacts immediately.

Aldi: A heavily pregnant woman wants to shop at a discounter

Just a quick shop at Aldi, a pregnant woman in Mannheim probably thought the same thing. But nothing was known of it, as he said in a Facebook post. “I was kicked out of Aldi in Mannheim when I was very pregnant because I was not wearing an FFP2 mask (after the VO changed overnight in Baden-Württemberg),” she writes. Dealing with the situation makes the woman very upset. “All humanity is missing,” is his harsh verdict.


This is Aldi:


The staff had explained to him that in general no exceptions could be made to the rules. “I hope for more humanity in the future!” The woman concluded.

Aldi responds to customer mail

The woman did not have to wait long for the discounter’s reply. “If we were harsh with you, of course we’re very sorry,” begins the reply.


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“However, we are bound by existing legal rulings and will have to implement them on the site. Since from today it is mandatory to wear FFP2 or comparable masks in Baden-Württemberg, our employees must also apply.” The answer will of course satisfy the customer only partially, but it is understandable. Let’s look at that. He suggests that for example, the woman will send someone else to Aldi. Basically, he thinks Aldi’s point of view is correct. (GB)

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