Alexa challenges 10-year-olds to a dangerous test of courage

Alexa challenges 10-year-olds to a dangerous test of courage

Amazon’s Alexa asked a girl in America to play with a socket. The 10-year-old had earlier asked for a challenge from the language assistant.

In America A worrying incident happened with Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa, BBC report, Accordingly, the artificial intelligence advised the 10-year-old to play with a coin in the socket.

“Put a cell phone charger halfway into the socket and then touch the exposed pin with a coin,” Alexa is said to have advised the girl. Earlier, the 10-year-old asked the language assistant to give him a task.

Amazon has updated Alexa

When heroine Found out about the incident, the error was immediately corrected, it is said. The company has updated its voice assistant so that it does not recommend such dangerous activities in the future.

Alexa found information about the challenge online. on video platform TIC Toc The so-called Penny Challenge has been in existence for almost a year. Users film themselves as they drop a coin on a metal pin of a charger glued to a socket.

Dangerous Challenges on Tiktok

This platform is known for the dangerous challenges that users face among themselves. In Italy Target According to Bavarian Radio Earlier this year, a 10-year-old girl died because she wanted to take part in a TikTok challenge. The challenge was to cut and film myself.

According to the BBC, the 10-year-old American girl is doing fine. The girl’s mother reacted immediately. Also, she said, her daughter was “too smart to do that”.

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