Amazon’s ranking page to be shut down next year

Since 1996, has been a site that aggregates data on multiple services and creates a ranking. Only a few years after its establishment, the company was founded by heroine taken over. This service will be discontinued soon after 25 years.

operators have all that one support entry communicated. The service should be available by April 2022. From May 1, it will no longer be possible to register and access data. As of December 8th, new users can no longer subscribe. However, the existing membership will still be fixed by April 2022. It is not clear why Amazon will discontinue the service anytime soon.

Over time the service became more irrelevant rates websites based on their protected traffic and creates a ranking from the data it collects. This enabled websites to be compared across the globe. Over time, the service has expanded to include various analytics functions for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A paid subscription is required to view statistics. Since statistics and valuations are based on estimates and not exact figures, has clearly lost its importance.

If you still have an active subscription and wish to export the data, you can access the data as of May 1, 2022. Export can be done directly through various sub-pages. a list can be broken this side Get.

The ranking page was taken over by Amazon in 1999. The mail order company paid $250 million for it. should help you find your way on the Internet. At the time, many website operators tried to get as high as possible in the Alexa rankings.

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