Alexj Navlany’s case: Bundestag members accuse Russia of “targeted atrocities”

Alexj Navlany's case: Bundestag members accuse Russia of "targeted atrocities"

The address to which it is being sent makes it clear that the letter is unusual: Yulija Franza Schtolvarka No. 6, 601122 Renov. This is what is said in the Cyrillic letters on the BundesTag’s stationery. The letter has been signed by eleven members of the Bundestag. The recipient is a Russian opposition politician Alexey NavalnyWho is imprisoned in the small town of Pokov.

Navlani is currently on hunger strike in protest against the conditions of detention. Although he reports serious health problems, he is clearly denied proper therapy in the penal colony. The German MP writes to Navalny that he wanted to express your appreciation and complete solidarity with us. We want to encourage you. «Letter available to SPIEGEL.

In addition, the letter also has a second address, even though it is not explicitly listed, but only between the lines: Russian leadership. The group of MPs make clear that they see Navalny’s terms of detention as “targeted atrocities” and “inconsistent with the European Convention for the Prevention of Atrocities”. She therefore calls on the Council of Europe to take action in the context of a review of the conditions of detention by the European Committee for the Prevention of Atrocities by the European Council.

In addition to the federal government human rights commissioner, Bärbel Kofler (SPD) Many foreign politicians: Manuel Sarrazin, Omid Nauripur And Jürgen Tritin From greens; Roderich Ksewetter, Andreas Nick and Jürgen Hardt from Union; Dagmar friday, Christophe Matsky And Nils schmidt SPD and moderate Renata alt and se Til Jamir-Sarai.

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“The report about Aleksei Navalny’s hunger strike is disappointing,” says Manuel Sarrazin, spokesperson of the Greens for Eastern European Policy and creator of the letter. His appointment in custody was “obviously no longer safe.” If the system puts Putin Navalni in danger again, we should not look the other way. ‘

Letter will be sent by post Russia. But because there is doubt whether the letter will actually reach Navalny in this way, the lawmakers have also sent a digital version directly to the politician’s Moscow team.

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