Alfonso Davies cries in front of live cameras – because his dream is coming true

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Alphonso Davis busted in Canadian jersey. © Screenshot Twitter/FC Bayern Munich News

When Canada qualifies for the World Cup, Alfonso Davies is unstoppable. The Bayern star burst into tears in front of the camera.

Munich/Toronto – What is the World Cup for Germany What is the World Cup for Canada. For only the second time in history North Americans have qualified for the World Cup – and without their superstars. Alphonso Davis*, but some kind of left leg FC Bayern* Still there: He rooted for Munich and let his feelings run free.

Davis is currently preparing for his return after myocarditis and will soon be available to champion again. But he has not been able to help his Canadian players in the most important game for many years. The “Canucks” sent the Jamaica guests home with a clear 4-0 win and thus took a spot World Cup in Qatar*,

FC Bayern: Alphonso Davies out after Canada’s World Cup qualification

England coach John Harderman’s team achieved something historic: Canada is in the World Cup for the second time in 36 years. The meaning of this becomes clear from Davy’s response.

He celebrated Cyl Larrin’s 1-0 in the car with cheers, which he didn’t stop his Instagram followers from. In the final stages, he led his team from home in a live stream on “Twitch”. After Junior Hoillet took a 3–0 lead in the 83rd minute, emotion overwhelmed him, he screamed and danced in his apartment. As soon as the last whistle sounded, he fell to the ground and started crying.

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FC Bayern: Alfonso Davies is going to make a comeback

A flood of congratulations flooded the stream, with his girlfriend Jordin Huitema later congratulating him. Instagram*: “You deserve it, my dear”. If Davy remains in good health, it should not be a problem for him to compete in the final in Qatar later this year. He could have already returned after the international break against SC Freiburg.

In the latest in the Champions League quarter-final against FC Villarreal, FC Bayern can most likely count on Leon Goretzka again. And a winged “roadrunner” whose dream has come true. (EPP) * there is an offer from

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