Alicia Keys: A Place For Yourself!

Alicia Keys: A Place For Yourself!

Alicia Keys and her husband learned to “give each other space” during the coronavirus epidemic.

The 40-year-old singer and Swizz Beatz, like so many couples, spent more time together during the global health crisis than ever before.

However, both of them have taken great care to spend time apart from each other so that they do not get tired of each other. “We spend a lot of our time traveling. Of course, due to the epidemic, we see each other literally every day. The other day we looked at each other and said, ‘So that’s when you get married. Doing it. ‘It was really fun. But you know what we’re doing? And the instinct for other needs is something that comes very easily to us. ”

The ‘If I Got You Got You’ hitmaker – whose sons Egypt (10) and Genesis (6) are with Swizz – also says it is a “good one for the couple to spend their own freedom, as well as Balance “. Time with his family. She added People: “It’s a nice balance. You’re creative and in your own place and then together. It was amazing. There are so many more family dinners. I really make time to like it on Sundays in which All of us. Stay together and do things that are not related to digitization. So we play a lot of board games, watch movies together, bike ride and things like that. “

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