Amazing puzzle adventure TOHU PC and magic consoles

Amazing puzzle adventure TOHU PC and magic consoles

Publisher Irregular corporation (Murder by Numbers) and developer Firestar Games are proud to announce a beautiful puzzle game TOHU For today PC (Steam), Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox one And Google Stadia appears. TOHU can be purchased for € 12.99 and is getting 10% off on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (for PS + members only).

The launch will be accompanied by a newly launched trailer that will depict the planet-flutter journey TOHU Shows. The thrill begins when the peaceful world of fish is haunted by a strange shadowy figure. Intended to create chaos, she destroys the sacred machine that is the key to this world and thus threatens life on the fish planet. Armed with only her bright head and a huge, mechanical alter-ego, the girl goes on an exciting journey that will take her to many strange places.

Magical art design and fascinating puzzles make TOHU one of the first hit films of 2021.

The experience is rounded off by a soundtrack thanked by Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight), for which TOHU combines its visual story with a lush and engaging musical composition. During the unforgettable journey that the game’s magical story sends you, you’ll meet a variety of fantastical characters, such as Sharenkel, your slender robot friend and former supervisor who trades in fine furnishings and stays in the bathtub.

At TOHU, players can switch back and forth between girl and cubus at any time to use their unique skills. But you should never lose track of things, there are hidden secrets around every corner and careful planning is required to find creative solutions to difficult puzzles. Whether looking for small animals to operate the airplane, or whether to fire the lost moles with a cannon, the TOHU is full of strange and demanding challenges.

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