Amazon ends Prime service – users miss the popular function of the alternative

Amazon ends Prime service - users miss the popular function of the alternative

Amazon is known for its fast delivery – especially with Prime subscriptions. The group offers even more services – but soon one less.

Germany – Ordered today, it will be in mailbox tomorrow: Amazon Prime’s fast delivery service attracts many customers. In 2021, the company reached 200 million members. But the group not only retains customers with its ordering service. Prime Video, Amazon Music, Amazon Drive or Prime Reading are some examples of other offers. However, one thing is being closed now.

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Amazon Will Shut Down Prime Service In 2023 – Alternative Is Missing Popular Feature

With Amazon Drive, users can save their data in the cloud, not only photos and videos – as with the Amazon Photos service – other common file types can also be stored there. or could. Because Drive service is to be stopped soon, so digital-Giant now announced.

This should come as a shock to some customers, after all, as Amazon recently increased the prices for Prime memberships. Amazon justified the decision in a Q&A on the website: “We take this opportunity to focus our efforts more on Amazon Photos to provide our customers with an exclusive solution for storing photos and videos.”

Amazon Prime: Drive is being discontinued – users need an alternative to data

In simple language it means that if you have uploaded only photos and videos, then you can switch to Amazon Photos without any problem. However, anyone who has saved other files (such as documents) to disk should look for an alternative soon. However, users still have some time to save their collected data.

According to Amazon, it will no longer be possible to upload files from January 31, 2023, but the files stored there will be retained for the time being. Amazon finally stamped Prime Service Drive on December 31, 2023. By then everyone should have saved their data, otherwise the group will delete them after a clear notification. App users will not be able to access the platform through the app from October 31.

Amazon Prime is shutting down a service. There is no intrinsic option for a function.

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Amazon Photos: Users of the free version will have to limit themselves

Amazon customers can still enjoy one service: Pictures and videos stored in Drive are automatically saved to Photos, the company says. Like the Drive service, the Photos service is available as a paid and free version.

However, if you don’t want to invest any money in Amazon Photos, you’ll have to limit yourself: there’s only 5 GB available to users. Prime members have unlimited storage.

After Department store plans from Amazon And this canceled prime delivery service The company announced the next change with the discontinuation of the Drive service. At least so far, it doesn’t bother customers.

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