Amira Pochar: More kids with Oli Pochar? she speaks plain text

Amira Pochar: More kids with Oli Pochar?  she speaks plain text

mediator Amira Pocher (29) and comedian Oliver Pocher (44) not only a happy couplebut also proud parents two kids together, As Amira Now in an interview”Picture“-The newspaper is known, but there may be more.

However, not immediately. The presenter is quoted as saying, “First of all, I want to enjoy the fact that the babies sleep halfway and I have a waist, and then we’ll see. I’m still young.” And men could have started 50, says Amira humorously.

Surprise party for Oli! You can see him celebrate his 44th birthday in the video above!

Amira Pochar: She wants to help new moms

She now wants to focus on the topic of pregnancy professionally. Amira Pochar says, “I want to help new moms and show them that getting slim again quickly isn’t all that important, but the focus is on physical health.” Hence, he is committed to a pelvic floor training app.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the three months of confinement. From the fourth month I did a little regression and then I continued training. You always have to wait. Has the abdominal muscles grown back together? Is everything back where it was supposed to be? Should have been? You really have to listen to your body,” says the mother of two.

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