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Since October last year, it has been possible to cross the border between the United States and Canada again without any major hindrances. Currently, however, travelers have to resort to rental cars, buses, ferries or planes. Amtrak cross-border trains were suspended in March 2020 and have not resumed to date.

Now there’s good news for all railway fans: Train already this week maple leaf Services resumed from New York City to Toronto. And yesterday came the good news from the west coast too: from September 2022 Amtrak Cascade Again operate between Seattle and Vancouver.

Below is the most important information:

maple leaf

There is a passenger train between Maple Leaf New York Penn Station NYC and in union station in Toronto. It is jointly operated by Amtrak (US company) and Via Rail (Canadian). The journey takes about 13 to 14 hours in each direction, including waiting times at the border. The danger is only during the day.

From New York, the route leads through Albany, Syracuse, and Rochester to Niagara Falls, among other locations. from there it goes over Whirlpool Rapids Bridge On the Canadian side, where Maple Leaf also stops at St. Catherine’s and Oakville. The train arrives in Toronto Union Station at approximately 8 p.m.

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Maple Leaf Drive From 27 June 2022 Again – once a day. Full journey tickets available From about $135 (~€129) each way. Of course you can also cover a shorter distance like Rochester to Toronto. Tickets are cheap then.

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Amtrak Cascade

Operated entirely by Amtrak, the Amtrak Cascades runs its entire length from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. However, even before the pandemic, at least one change was necessary to cover the entire route.

To travel from Seattle to Vancouver and vice versa, a journey of approximately 5 hours should be planned. There are stopovers in Everett and Bellingham, among others. Entrance and exit control is done in Vancouver.

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Amtrak Cascade expected to be operational between Seattle in September 2022 resume. As of now, only buses operate between Seattle and Vancouver. A future timetable hasn’t been published yet – and tickets can’t be purchased yet. Both will probably follow in the next few days or weeks.

Reconnection was quite the impasse. Actually, the train should have run again from spring 2022. Amtrak recently announced that it would not be able to operate the route again until December 2022. It was approved by the Oregon and Washington State Transportation Authority. Dismissed as “unacceptable”.,


Traveling by train in North America is always an experience. Travelers can save a lot of money, especially on short trips, if they travel by train instead of by plane. Good that after Canada it is now an option again.

Meanwhile, there’s nothing new in this Adirondack– Train between New York and Montreal. Until now, passengers on the connection have had to change to a bus from Albany at the latest.

Source: amtrak And amtrak cascade on twitter

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