Another metal stall appears near Toronto

Another metal stall appears near Toronto

Toronto (AP) – The metal stale continues to have a presence in some parts of the world: another discovery has been made near the Canadian metropolis of Toronto, following monoliths in the United States, Germany, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

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According to media reports, shortly before the beginning of the year, more than three meters high structure stands on a lake shore near Magnes. Shortly afterwards, the Vandals smear him with graffiti, which in turn was erased by others. Local authorities do not want to remove the stall at the moment, as it does not pose a security risk.

In mid-November, a similar monolith appeared for the first time in the US state of Utah. After that, many stales were discovered around the world – for example in the British Isle of Wight, in a nature area north of the Netherlands, and in the Tunus community of Salzbach in the southern Hesse, or in the Neuschwan Palace. At the first stale in Utah, there was some evidence that an artist had installed it. Many consider it possible that sensational search may attract imitators.

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