Anthony Lofredo had his nose and ears removed: French want to become “Black Alien” – News Abroad

Anthony Lofredo had his nose and ears removed: French want to become "Black Alien" - News Abroad

Anthony Lofredo (32) had a dream since childhood: resembling “Black Alien”. He clearly succeeded, but the change is not over yet.

He had his nose removed in Spain, where – unlike his country – it is allowed. Lofredo has also said goodbye to the ears and upper lip. His tongue has a crack, he has implants on his forehead, and his body is covered in tattoo ink, even his eyes.

At the age of 24, the French began making changes to their bodies. Earlier, he looked completely normal and not unattractive.

“I like slipping into the skin of a creepy character. I often end up somewhere and play a role, especially at night, in the dark alleys, “Lofredo told French newspaper in 2017”Free midi“. At the time, he was changing for four years. Their goal is “not to scare people, but to follow them from a staged environment”.

The 32-year-old document posted his creepy change on the Instagram page “The Black Alien Project” (283,000 followers). According to “Mirror”, in a question and answer session following the amputation of his nose, which appeared at the top of his wish list: to remove the skin and replace it with metal. First, the hands, feet, fingers and back of the head should be “modified”.

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Self-proclaimed foreigner: “This is a project for life, it will never end.”

This is what Anthony Lofredo saw before he started his “project”Photo: instagram / the_black_alien_project

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