Antonia Hemmer justifies TV freak from friend

Antonia Hemmer justifies TV freak from friend

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Römer are participating in the current season “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”.Image: Stephen Gregorovius / Stephen Gregorovius

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Former “Bauer Sucht Frau” candidates Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer are one of eight couples participating in this year’s season of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”. The pair that spend the longest stay on a farm in Bochholt and eventually win the final challenge receives a prize money of 50,000 euros.

In the current episode of the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”, Patrick Römer attracts attention with his extreme masculine demeanor. For example, he compared his girlfriend to “old golfers” and said that Antonia was more Play Must shed, otherwise she doesn’t have to wonder about her cellulite.

Antonia did not want to let him sit and countered that she would like to shave off Patrick’s chest hair. She only seems to be good with a “well-trained, Southern body,” she shot later, but she couldn’t hold back her tears. After the episode aired, Antonia now reported instagram To speak and comment on Zoff.

Patrick Romer was shocked "summer house of stars" With his manly attitude.

Patrick Romer shocked “The Summer House of the Stars” with his manly behavior.

Macho in “Summer House”: Antonia Explains Patrick’s Behavior

Patrick didn’t make friends more than his words, as Antonia wrote on Instagram on Monday evening: “I’m getting a lot of messages right now about why I’m being treated like this Or why am I with a ‘narcissist’.” To these questions, Antonia answered the following:

“Patrick is a very ambitious man and it is very difficult to lose.”

She also explained that the “car game” put a lot of pressure on her. After the lost challenge, Patrick would have been very angry and annoyed, explained Antonia and clarified in this context: “I didn’t cry because of him or because of his wordsBut because I pissed myself off that we were so bad at the game.”

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Antonia Hemmer wants to fight for her relationship

In addition, Antonia again spoke candidly about Patrick and himself. he clarified that no Relationship Perfect, neither is he nor Patrick. So she defended her lover and wrote:

“Fortunately, he himself also notices that some statements are not correct in retrospect and has already apologized for this.”

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer have been a couple for two years.

Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer have been a couple for two years.Image: TVNow

Many people even asked her why she didn’t break up, revealed Antonia. To which he replied: “I’m definitely not from this ‘throw away society. patrick is a perfect man and that doesn’t mean most things are the way they are TV Come and I’ll say a few words to him anyway.”

She doesn’t need someone who “powders her buttocks” and “runs after her like a puppy,” but someone who teases her from time to time. Finally he said: “I/we fight and talk a lot for our relationship, especially in the current situation and that is the key to every relationship. I love my prankster.”

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