Apple previews new iPhone features

Apple gibt Vorschau auf neue iPhone-Funktionen

Apple introduces new iPhone accessibility features: Live Caption, Door Awareness and Apple Watch Mirroring. All these features are expected to be rolled out later this year.

The opening keynote of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference is just weeks away, where the company will preview upcoming software features and changes. iPhone and the rest of its hardware lineup.

delivered on tuesday Apple However, the company says that a preview of several new accessibility features will be coming to the iPhone later this year, ipad And the Apple Watch will appear – probably in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

For blind or partially sighted users, the new door detection uses the iPhone or iPad’s lidar scanner and rear-facing camera to detect a door and give details to the user, such as Door name. b. How far is it and what information does the user need about the door – eg. B. Whether it is open or closed, the door opens inwards or outwards and what type of handle does it have. Apple also says that the feature is capable of reading room numbers or signs nearby or at the door itself.

Google a. Added the ability to edit any audio played by AndroidThe phone is coming to change to Live subtitles, and now Apple is adding a similar feature to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This feature works with any audio playing on your Apple device, including a conversation with someone sitting next to you.

Apple Watch users have the option of mirroring the watch’s display on their iPhone for larger touch targets, making it possible and easier to control the watch from the iPhone’s screen. There will also be new Quick Actions on the Apple Watch that enable actions such as answering or ending calls or controlling media playback with a double-click.

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Additional accessibility features for Apple hardware products include a friend controller feature that allows a second person to help play games with another game controller by connecting two controllers into one. There will also be an option to adjust how long Siri waits before responding to a request, voice control spelling mode for spelling letters, improved tone detection for custom tones, and more.

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