Apple TV+ reportedly has less than 20 million subscribers (US+ Canada)

Apple TV+ reportedly has less than 20 million subscribers (US+ Canada)

The Apple TV+ streaming service is said to have less than 20 million subscribers

The official subscriber numbers of the Apple TV+ streaming service have been revealed indirectly. Less than 20 million customers in the United States and Canada reportedly use this offer.

As CNBC reports, Apple has told the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) that less than 20 million active customers in the US and Canada are using Apple TV+. IATSE is an association for all those creative minds (cameramen, stage workers, etc.) who cannot be seen in the final result of film and series production, without whom it would not be possible. Disclosure of the estimated number of customers enables Apple to lay off its employees with reduced pay. Unfortunately, the company with the largest cash reserves in the world cannot reward its employees fairly – sadly.

Most customers can’t pay anything

Apple only gives an estimated number and doesn’t say how many of its 20 million customers are paying. It is possible that most of them will only use the service because it was offered to them for free (eg for newer Apple devices or PlayStation 5). According to the report, for “successful” streaming services like Netflix & Co., tariffs are higher for “behind-the-scenes” employees. Incidentally, Top Dog Netflix has approximately 75 million paying subscribers in the United States and Canada.

Upcoming Highlights

With the serial adaptation of Isaac Asimovs “foundation” (The Millennial Plan), meanwhile the second blockbuster special with Tom Hanks (“Finch”) and sequels to popular formats like “The Morning-Show” Or “Ted Lasso” (both now in season 2), the Apple TV+ has some hot iron in the fire. The service provides high-quality audio-visual content that is made available to viewers on Apple TV 4K (1st and 2nd generation) at high streaming bit rates. But unfortunately you cannot impress the general public with this.

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Is Apple TV+ too “slow”?

A wide selection, constantly changing content, well-known brands and a consistency of successful formats are the recipe for success for platforms like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. So that Apple TV+ can connect with the big guys, the streaming service will have to significantly increase its rate and even think about licensing third-party content. Otherwise the platform remains a product for enthusiasts and “free customers”.

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