Are the Ice Tigers experienced enough now? – Ice Tigers

Are the Ice Tigers experienced enough now?  - Ice Tigers

– More shots, more chances, too few goals. The Ice Tigers had a poor start in the first round of the playoffs. So on Thursday they have only one chance – to reach the quarter-finals and enjoy another home game with their fans.

Before things got serious, Tom Rowe had already called New Zealand. He knows a sleep researcher there, the head coach of the Nuremberg Ice Tigers said on Monday. And because his team is expected to play ice hockey three times over four days this week, to drive back and forth between Düsseldorf at night, he worked out a sleep schedule of sorts for his players, with the specialist at the other end. World. Rowe had no way of knowing that the playoff opponent, Pardon, would be exclusively rested in the arena on Tuesday.

Because this time Düsseldorf EG not only constantly broke the playing structure of the Ice Tigers, but also broke the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the youth team; Because he scored two goals out of two in the first period; And because after Marco Frederick’s connections, thanks to his Sovereign goalkeeper Mirko Pentkowski, didn’t allow the hosts to score any more, Rowe’s sleuthing plans may no longer play a role. After 2:3 (0:2, 2:1, 0:0) on Tuesday his team has to play on Thursday (7.30pm/evening).MagentaSport) win the second game after 24 hours at Nuremberg to treat the fans at Nuremberg and then, in any case, win the decisive third game.

DEG plays for his coach

On Tuesday night, Rowe addressed the inexperience of many of his players. Not only was this the first important playoff game for young German players such as Fleischer and Karr, MacLeod, Sheehy and Welsh have also always seen in North America when games became more intense, harder and more important. Giants like Stoa, who would not play again until the quarter-finals after his injury, and Bodnarchuk (suspended) missed the Ice Tigers in the opening minutes.

That was no excuse for Rowe, with the 65-year-old American seeing his team’s reaction as a ray of hope. Rowe also referred to his captain’s speech after the setback. “Patrick was great in the dressing room. He picked up the boys and said we would even out the series in Düsseldorf. This team kept coming back. We just shouldn’t have to start again so hesitantly.” He took chances until the last second. Apart from the tireless Friedrich (29th), only Daniel Schmolz (24th) scored.

Later the guests spoke about their respective inspirations. DEG played for coach Harold Kreis, who is spending the week in Canada due to a family emergency. “We hope Defense lawyer Bernhard Ebner said“That we move on. So that he can still be part of the playoffs.” Chris should be back on Friday. That will be enough for the game at Nuremberg.

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