Argentina: Chemicals Color Corfo Lagoon Pink

Argentina: Chemicals Color Corfo Lagoon Pink

Status: 07/26/2021 at 12:15 PM.

Local residents have long complained of foul smell around Corfo Lagoon in southern Argentina. Now the lagoon has also turned pink. Conservationists suspect that fishing waste is the cause.

Suspected chemical pollution has turned the Corfo Lagoon in southern Argentina pink. Experts and conservation activists told AFP news agency that the discoloration was caused by the introduction of the antibacterial sodium sulfite into the water. The substance is used by fishing companies as a preservative.

sodium sulfite from fish waste

Local residents have long complained of foul smell and environmental sins around the lagoon and the Chubut River. Environmental activist Pablo Lada told AFP that the Corfo lagoon had turned pink since last week. Environmental engineer and virologist Federico Restrepo attributed the discoloration to sodium sulfite from fishing waste. He emphasized that the agent had to be processed before being disposed of.

“Do not despise such a serious matter”

The Corfo Lagoon is located near the industrial area of ​​the southern Argentinian city of Trelev. In the past, the water was already significantly degraded by the discharge of industrial waste.

Juan Michelaud, the environmental watchdog of Chubut province, gave an assurance last week that the “reddish” color of the Corfo lagoon would “do no harm”. It will go away in a few days,” he said. Trelev’s planning secretary, Sebastian de la Velina, denied the information. It is not possible to reduce such a serious matter,” he said.

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