As per arrest warrant: Michael Wendler denies all charges

As per arrest warrant: Michael Wendler denies all charges

Updated July 23, 2021 at 6:22 am

  • An arrest warrant was issued against Michael Wendler.
  • Now the pop singer spoke in a statement on Telegram.
  • In this he dismissed “all allegations and allegations”.

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Michael Wendler reacts to the issue of an arrest warrant against him. After not appearing for his trial in Dinslaken District Court, Responsible judge issues arrest warrant against Wendler.

This so-called arrest warrant is valid till the singer appears in court. The lawsuit is about aiding and promoting foreclosure in unity with bankruptcy in two cases. Wendler However, his adopted home remains in Florida. Though his lawyer had already lodged an objection to the arrest warrant, it stands for the time being.

Michael Wendler: “I didn’t do what I was accused of”

The pop singer published a statement on the allegations on his Telegram account.

“Hello, dear, I want to briefly tell you about the court hearing in my old hometown of Dinslaken on my behalf”, Wendler introduced his statement. He “denies all charges and charges against me by the punitive order of the Duisburg Public Prosecutor’s Office”: “I did not commit the offenses for which I was charged.”

That’s what the lawsuit against Wendler is about

The allegations are “absurd”, Wendler continues, as his ex-wife Claudia Norberg never composed or wrote a song: “How can you transfer rights you never had?” At the core of the process is the question of whether Michael Wendler is his ex-wife in the bankruptcy of record company CNI Records. norberg has been guilty of something. Prosecutors claim he had 176 songs overwritten to reduce the fortune of the company’s bankruptcy assets. An issued fine order is equivalent to imprisonment for six months on probation.

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Wendler also argues that he would not avoid the current negotiations and that he did not go to the USA. His stay was completely independent of the penal order issued against him in 2019. His defense attorney was fully informed of him and obtained a “comprehensive, written power of attorney” from him to represent him during the main hearing.

“Until final judgment, presumption of innocence applies”

His presence was therefore unnecessary, “since the regulation of representation is entirely legally valid”. He would not have made any personal statement anyway. “Against this background, I cannot understand the decision of the Dinslaken District Court to issue the so-called arrest warrant,” Wendler continues.

The singer said that the main hearing could have taken place. At the end of his statement, Wendler makes it clear: “The presumption of innocence applies until the final judgment.”
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An arrest warrant has been issued against pop singer Michael Wendler for appearing in court. However, the controversial artist lives in the USA.

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