Ask first: “The Nanny”: On duty in Vancouver Island at Saskia Wester …

Ask first: "The Nanny": On duty in Vancouver Island at Saskia Wester ...

28.12.2020 – 09:55

Erd Das Erste

Munich (ots)

Listener favorites are set for a third assignment abroad in the Saskia Vester series “Das Nani”. “Mission Canada” requires all her life experience, as the job of a wealthy family soon becomes anything but “easy” for a patent heroine. The entertaining television film with Gabby Dohm as the upper-class mother-in-law, which does not make it easy for her son and his future – played by Jens Etzorn and Louise Wolfram – provides a reunion. Vancouver Island’s Pacific Island provides a breathtaking backdrop for the film, the soundtrack of which enhances the wanderings.

Claudia Kratochwill wrote the screenplay for the third film in the popular series. In addition to Saskia Wester, Gabby Dohm, Jens Etzorn and Luis Wolfram, J├╝rgen Tonkel, Triggy Johnson, Holly Elisa and others stood in front of Ralph’s Dobrick’s camera. Directed by Sasha Bigler.

The first show “The Nanny: Mission Canada” is shown on Monday, January 4, 2021 at 8:15 pm. The film will be online for the first time at ARD Media Library from January 2, 2021, 8:15 pm To see.

“The Nanny: Mission Canada” is produced by FFP New Media on behalf of ARD Degato for ARD. The editors are Birjit Titz and Stephen Kurappa (both ARD Daghetto).

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