Astra arrives on March 2

Astra arrives on March 2

By Fatih F Tetruk

The character pool in Velorrent is growing and thriving. Now on March 2, strategy makers will get another option. The next chapter in season 2 begins and Astra joins them. Riot released a trailer showing his skills.

The new agents assume a supporting role as controllers and “can use their skills to harness the energy of the universe to influence the battlefield,” according to the press release. It was important for the developers to create a character that could track the entire map to disrupt and prevent the opposing team’s strategies.

Astra Capabilities

The Futuristic Agent is certainly one of the most technically in-demand that Velorrent has to offer. First you have to open the map to place the stars from a bird’s eye view. Stars can then perform various tasks from the map or from an ongoing game.

  • X – Astral Form / Cosmic Divide: Changes the subtle form, and shows the map from which you can place the stars.
  • I Nebula / Disipet: Smoker grenade on the star.
  • F – Returns a placed star for reuse after a short cooldown.
  • Q – New Pulse: Detects a star that stares nearby enemies.
  • C – gravity well: Attracts and explodes all enemies in the area, weakening the enemies.
  • The last: Astra places a wall that passes through the entire map and catches noise and projectiles.

Rank change

A new map is not yet in sight, but fresh skins, dudes and sprays to distinguish its own protagonist. Much more important, however, are updates that will benefit from ranked matches. For example, starting with the next patch, players place their rank after the end of an act. What should please newbies in particular is that lower-rated players are now allowed to play with higher-class peers.

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Automatic voice announcements of agents are also being expanded. Tactical voice overs now receive more detailed information. So when it says “Enemy Spotted” or “Spike Spotted” the agent also mentions the situation on the map. This should allow people without microphones to contribute more to the game.

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