Ativa Radio Frequency Therapy – Skin tightening due to heat

Ativa Radio Frequency Therapy - Skin tightening due to heat

Generally, beauty treatments aren’t recommended in the middle of summer, but this minimally invasive treatment should give you the finishing touches to your summer body—and without any downtime: Attiva Radio Frequency Therapy uses heat exclusively. Helps to stimulate collagen production in the body and thus optimize your figure and skin. We met Dr. Yankova, who offers this procedure in Munich, for an interview.

Recovered : According to Dr. Yankova, it is generally advised against aesthetic procedures shortly before summer vacation, as high levels of sunlight have a negative effect on the result. Not so with the Attiva, a method offered to give you body final touches for a beach vacation in bikinis and boxer shorts.

Dr. Maria Yankova: Hardly anyone is 100% satisfied with their figure or their looks. So everyone sees “needs improvement” in one or another body area. How great it would be if there were a treatment that could fix and optimize several problem areas at once: smooth wrinkles, improve cellulite, remove fat deposits and even lift the breasts or buttocks. Now we can make this wish come true: With Attiva radio frequency therapy, also known as “endodermal radio frequency therapy”, a wide range of applications can be carried out on different areas of the body.

How does Ativa radiofrequency therapy actually work?

The treatment concept is as simple as it gets: Collagen is a very important part of the body because it gives stability to tendons, ligaments and bones and its elasticity to the connective tissue beneath the skin. Collagen is also responsible for keeping the skin firm and wrinkle-free. Over the years, the production of special proteins gradually decreases: wrinkles appear and parts of the skin sag. Attiva radio frequency therapy can use heat to specifically stimulate collagen production in the body. In order to obtain a favorable figure and skin result, we insert a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue of the area to be treated. Now we purposefully and consciously apply radio frequency energy to specific areas, generating individually controllable heat. It penetrates deep into the tissue and brings about changes there. At the same time, the surface of the skin is treated with a low temperature. This causes the collagen fibers in the lower layers of the skin to contract. At the same time, there is a metabolic activation of mobile connective tissue cells, fibroblasts. This means that different substances are produced. It stimulates the formation of new collagen in the skin. These procedures bring about an immediate, continuous and permanent tightening of the skin structures.

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In which areas of the body can the method be used?

One can wear an Ativa “from head to toe”.

How much time do you have and is there downtime to plan for treatment?

Treatment lasts 90 to 120 minutes. The patient is able to work immediately and has no downtime. Small swellings and hematomas usually go away after a few days.

What results can you get?

The tissue can get new elasticity and freshness through treatment with Ativa on different parts of the body. In general, therapy can be applied to all areas where collagen is – or is missing as a result of the natural aging process. Depending on the temperature used, different effects on connective tissue can be achieved with Ativa. These are in detail:

Improving the appearance of surgical or post-traumatic scars: Attiva causes an “opening” effect, which can reduce tissue adhesion such as scars.

Treating and reducing wrinkles: The regeneration of collagen allows the skin to thicken from the inside for a long time. In this case, it appears significantly smaller, fresher and stronger.

Cellulite Treatment: The appearance of cellulite is greatly improved by the creation of new collagen. Dents, holes and ripples can be minimized or smoothed out completely.

Removal of fat deposits: Endodermal radiofrequency therapy can not only reactivate collagen production. Irritating fat deposits (such as fat deposits on the double chin, love handles, abdomen and back) can also be completely removed without liposuction. The heat can cause the excess fat cells to die. They are then removed through the body’s own metabolism.

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Light Lift: The treatment also makes it possible to “lift” certain areas, such as the small breasts or buttocks and treat sagging upper arms.

What necessities do you have to bring with you or do you need to prepare for treatment?

Hairy areas should be removed prior to treatment. Please also remove all metal objects before therapy. These include eg. b. Jewellery, piercing, hair clip etc. In case of patients with prosthetic joints or patients with heart diseases, the treatment is done only after detailed consultation and physical examination.

When will the result come after all?

The first results are visible in many patients a day after the treatment. Skin appears healthier and more radiant. Gradually it becomes firmer, cellulite and fat deposits are reduced. Final results occur after about four to six weeks and last up to three years, depending on lifestyle.

What is the difference between Ativa and all other radio frequency treatments?

Traditional radio frequency treatments treat the skin externally using an electrode. Your hypodermis is heated and the epidermis is cooled at the same time. Therefore the intensity of the heat effect depends on the cooling options of the device. Basically, this form of treatment is not painful. However, some patients find it a little uncomfortable when the skin is warm. Attiva is a so called endodermal radiofrequency therapy and goes a step further. We insert a fine probe into the subcutaneous tissue. This allows us to treat the surface of your skin with a lower temperature as well as increase the heat there. This procedure increases the effectiveness of the treatment and a hardening result can be achieved.

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