Augsburger Panther: Now it’s clear: AEV defender McNeill isn’t coming back

Augsburger Panther: Now it's clear: AEV defender McNeill isn't coming back

The longer this season lasted, the less likely it was that Patrick McNeill would return to Germany again. It is now clear: The defender is no longer available to the Panthers.

The longer this season lasted, the less likely it was that Patrick McNeill would return to Germany again. It is now clear: The defender is no longer available to the Panthers. The club announced this in a press release on Wednesday. Despite an ongoing contract, the 33-year-old decided to live with his family in Canada before the start of the season. There, his wife had a career opportunity she could not refuse, she announced in November. In addition, the couple’s two children have settled well in Canada again. In view of the complex travel conditions and possible problems of return then and now, McNeill did not want to risk just after Augsburg get.

Panthers cancel contract with Patrick McNeill

However, at the time, the Panthers and the professional only agreed to postpone the contract. Both sides hoped for the last that the situation could ease in time. But since it is not foreseeable, a final decision was made. The employment contract, which was valid until the end of the current season, was terminated at the player’s request. Even then, the club reacted and brought in Wade Bergman, a substitute who resembles McNeil in his playing area.

From the game point of view, cancellation is a disadvantage for AEV

From a sports standpoint, it is still a loss, as McNeil was one of the best defenders in the league, especially in the opening. In his two years at Augsburg, he scored 24 and 21 goals and totaled 14 goals. So it is not good news for Panther coach Trey Tuomi that McNeill is not returning. “Of course we would be very happy if we could rely on an experienced defender like Patrick McNeill in the hot phase of the season. In times of pandemics, which is still under the control of all of us, we have a lot of understanding for that. No judgment against pat Augsburg panther, But made a decision for his family, “the club’s statement quoted Tumi.

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Danny Christo (right) moved from KHL to AEV in January 2021.

This is the AEV squad for the 2020/21 season

Picture: Sigfried Kerf

The 33-year-old himself also has a say. He was very grateful to the Panthers for keeping the door open for him for the final. “Over the last few weeks it has become more apparent to me that the center of my family’s life should remain in Canada, especially during these times. I look back on a great time in Augsburg and push the team along the way. Hmm play-offs keep crossing your fingers. Whenever possible, I follow the game and am happy with the boys. Hopefully they can celebrate their win again soon with the fantastic Panther fans ” , McNeill was further cited.

The Panthers go into the warm-up phase with seven defenders

For the Panthers, this decision means they are heading into the season’s hot phase with seven defenders. Given the tight schedule and injury risk of the coming weeks, this is not particularly widespread. Nickels Langer replaced first. However, the young talent recently switched to DEL2 to get more playing practice.

Panther’s main shareholder Lothar Sigal is currently seeking a new goalkeeper. Olivier Roy is out for eight to ten weeks with a knee injury. The transfer window is still open until the end of February.

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