Austria: Ex-OVP boss accuses Sebastian Kurz of “problematic relationship with rule of law”

Austria: Ex-OVP boss accuses Sebastian Kurz of "problematic relationship with rule of law"

the former OVP-Chairman and Austrian Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner have Chancellor Sebastian Kurzy Strongly criticized. Kurz was a populist, Mitterlehner said in an interview »Sudetsche Zitung«. His government “has a problematic relationship with the rule of law.” Truth and credibility are indispensable qualities without which a politician cannot succeed in the long run.

On Wednesday, it was known that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trade and Corruption (WKStA) had given perjury. doubt. It concerns the composition of the state’s supervisory board and the appointment of sole director Thomas Schmidt, who holds the ichsterreichische Beteiligungs AG (thebag). Both Kurz and his cabinet head Bernhard Bonelli are called to the inquiry committee about the process Ibiza case False is said many times.

In response to questions in the committee, Kurz said he was neither concerned with Schmid’s appointment nor with the composition of the Obag supervisory board. Among other things, the Chancellor said at the time that Schmidt had not spoken to him about the post before he was appointed Obag boss.

Kurz and Bonelli recently came under pressure from newly rated chat messages. Accordingly, both politicians were more involved than ever in the search for supervisory boards for both bags. According to the chat messages, Kurz and Bonelli should have exchanged ideas about Schmid’s ambitions for office.

Kurz denied the allegations. He said, “Of course I am not going to resign just because there is a complaint.” He feels that a guilty verdict is unlikely.

The penal framework for intentional false statements provides for a jail term of up to three years. The decision to open the process has not yet been made. Given the burden of proof, action is likely.

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The Ibiza Committee of Inquiry deals with corruption allegations against the former government made up of conservative ÖVP and right-wing populists FPO. About two years ago, SPIEGEL and »Süddeutsche Zeitung« sparked a domestic political crisis with the publication of the Ibiza video. Pictures show FP pictures to boss Heinz-Christian StretchHow they gossiped in front of a hidden camera about post chat and party donations. Include the investigation of the Public Prosecutor in the case Austria Till date.

Mitterlehner, who once also accused Kurz in an interview to operate his replacement as OVP boss, described the criminal investigation against Kurz as “a high point of long-standing growth”. There is a lack of respect for democratic and legal institutions.

The “new, but not surprising” for him is that Kurz is now liberating himself. Mitterlehner said he did not find it particularly in line with the party’s code of conduct. In short, it is primarily about power, Mitterleiner continues. He prepared a VP for himself. If Kurz is accused, he would advise him to step down.

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