Bachelorette finale: Maxim gives her his last rose – TV

Bachelorette finale: Maxim gives her his last rose - TV

After all, has he found any new love?

Mr. Wright’s search for bachelorette Maxim Herbord (27) turns out to be a rocky road, much to the dismay of many. Four men left voluntarily, others heartbroken. Investment banker Max (31) and photographer Raphael (23) expected the last rose in the finale.

One almost thought it wouldn’t work anymore. In the final episode, the beautiful brunette reveals that she has yet to develop great feelings for either of them. Maxime: “Somehow it makes me sad. But I don’t want to go out here promising someone who doesn’t really exist.”

Bachelorette Maxime and Max on Their DatePhoto: RTL

In the finale, her last two dates as the Rose Lady should finally provide the fireworks as expected. With Max, she revisited a few moments together. The two met in a theatre. Hula hoops hanging on the wall. The lovebirds had tried him on an earlier date. Max smiled: “I knew I would be back today.”

He tried to find his chances at the candlelight dinner. “Are you ready with your decision that you know where it’s going?” Max asked. But his dream woman did not let him look at the cards, just smiled and said: “I wanted to wait for the last date.”

Nevertheless, the man from Stuttgart was somehow sure of his cause. “All I could think was we wouldn’t have the last date today,” he whispered to the Bachelorette while she was in his arms.

Even in personal interviews, North Rhine-Westphalia was already feeling like a winner. He and Maxime didn’t make out this time. Herbard after meeting: “With Max it always felt like it was already in the bag.” She herself was still undecided.

Raphael was invited on a ship by Maxim. Not only that, he was very excited. At last he let her look into his heart and said with a smile: “I am so glad to see him.” The Austrian also said: “You look happy.”

The two ate cake, drank wine and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Raphael flattered her: “I would not have thought that you could find someone so good in such a short time.” In the evening, she and Maxime smooched in a tight dance, holding hands. A fireworks display at sunset crowned the date.

Crackle, Crackle?  Raphael and Maxim get along well, but the big spark stayed away

Crackle, Crackle? Raphael and Maxim get along well, but the big spark stayed awayPhoto: RTL

Almost anyone can guess from his decision. Max appeared first for the last rose ceremony. Maxime: “You told me that feelings have not yet worked out for you one hundred percent, but there is interest.” Then he took a deep breath and said words he probably didn’t expect: “It worked for me.” “Not enough to give you the last rose.” The rebuke certainly hurt, but the tattoo fan did. tolerated it.

For Raphael, the sky must be full of violins. With twinkling eyes, the Bachelorette spoke of a journey together and finally announced to the Viennese: “I would very much like to continue on the path.” Although Maxim had not yet spoken of love, Raphael was overwhelmed when he found the last rose. “It was the best thing I’ve ever heard.”

Not yet in love, but on the right track: Raphael and Maxime

Not yet in love, but on the right track: Raphael and MaximePhoto: RTL

A long kiss idealized the special moment for both of them…

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