“Back to the Future”: More Reputation for DeLorean With Alpha5

"Back to the Future": More Reputation for DeLorean With Alpha5

“Back to the Future”
More reputation for DeLorean with Alpha5

DeLorean couldn’t really score with the new version of the DMC-12, the company now looking to bring its vehicle under the label. Gullwing, called Alpha 5, draws on his legendary role model, but clearly sets his own accent.

The DeLorean car brand, which was revived years ago, has unveiled its first new model with the Alpha5. A comeback vehicle has little to do with the DMC-12 from the 1980s, which achieved cult status thanks to the Hollywood movie “Back to the Future.” Announced for 2024 and limited to 88 copies, the Alpha 5 is intended to mark the debut of the entire DeLorean model family.

The DeLorean Alpha5 took over the gullwing doors from the DMC-12.

(Photo: DeLorean)

Like the DMC-12, the Alpha5 was designed by Italdesign. As a reference to the original DeLorean, the Italians opted for a louvered rear window cover with gullwing doors and a hatchback. Otherwise, the five-metre long four-seater eschews the retro elements. Rather, the model is characterized by an elegant Gran Turismo design that gives a futuristic impression with the help of elaborately staged LED lights.

480 kms and 250 km/h faster

Of course, the Alpha 5 drives entirely electrically. However, DeLorean does not provide accurate information about the drive. The streamlined Stormer should accelerate to 100 km/h in about three seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h. Thanks to the battery with a capacity of over 100 kWh, a range of more than 480 kilometers should be possible according to practical EPA measurements.


The DeLorean Alpha5’s cockpit presents itself with almost no buttons and switches.

(Photo: DeLorean)

The omission of the B-pillars creates a generous entrance for the Alpha 5’s four separate seats. The pilot finds himself in front of a cockpit with almost no buttons or switches. Behind the steering wheel is a large display for driving-related information, and the center console houses the infotainment system and a large-format touchscreen as an interface for several vehicle functions.

The prices of the Alpha5 have not been mentioned yet. Presumably they go beyond 150,000 euros, because after all, according to DeLorean, this is a flagship model that should give the car brand more prestige. Later, the Alpha5 will be followed by a sports coupe with a V8 engine, a battery-electric sedan and a fuel cell-drive SUV.

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