Bank’s Comment on Double Booking – “All Measures Taken”

Bank's Comment on Double Booking - "All Measures Taken"

On Thursday, Deutsche CreditBank repeated the posting in error from early October. Now the bank has commented on this.

After technical problems with Deutsche CreditBank (DKB) internet banking, the amount debited twice by mistake is returned to the customer’s accounts. All amounts were booked back by Sunday afternoon, DKB announced on Sunday. Affected customers can see the chargeback in their current account till Monday.

On Thursday, bookings from the beginning of October 2022 were incorrectly re-executed. When the error was detected, the bank canceled all double bookings and started chargeback on Friday. According to the bank’s website, customers who ended up in the overdraft facility due to double booking will certainly not be charged any overdraft interest.

The reason for wrong double booking is not publicly known

The bank stated on its website the reason for the error only: “Wrong double booking was done at our house and not by the service providers.” The bank also apologized. “We have already taken all necessary measures to ensure that such double bookings do not happen with us in future,” the statement said.

When asked on Sunday, a spokesperson did not want to give details about the number of customers affected. The Berlin-based institution has over five million private and business clients.

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