Barbara Schönberger Has “Anxious Dreams”

Barbara Schönberger Has "Anxious Dreams"

The new “Do you think it’s fun?” How nervous is Barbara Schönberger before the start of the episode? The presenter leads through the TV classic for the first time on Saturday.

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“Do you think it’s fun?” is a popular format on German television – and is now returning with new episodes on April 2. in doing so Barbara Schoenberger Make your debut as the presenter of the first Saturday Night Show.

“I don’t suffer from total stage fright, but…”

“I think I’ll get excited, although I don’t suffer from total stage fright, but it will definitely keep me busy,” Schonenberger admitted in an interview with news agency Spot On News. Above all, he notices that he has “something similar to a nightmare”.

A common dream is that she is standing in a dark room and cannot find anything to wear for the show. “I call my manager, but she’s always out in the hallway and I always hear her laughing out loud. Nobody cares about me, my contact lenses are too big, I can’t get them in my eyes “I can’t find my other shoe”, she describes. To him, these are signs that “it’s clearly working a little deeper in the back of his head.”

“I love hosting”

However, she doesn’t worry about negative reactions. “I think you have to do it in a way that you can live with it yourself,” she says. She just hopes she can keep that level up and looks forward to the “conversation on the couch.” “I really love being a hostess, in my personal life as well, and of course now I’ll live it to the fullest in my professional life on this show.”

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Schönberger’s colleagues will have to be especially careful in the future – the moderators will want to fool them in front of the camera. “I’m a little worried that when I enter a room now, everyone will look at me suspiciously and look for hidden cameras,” she admits.

The fact that she herself may be the victim of a prank doesn’t bother her at all – on the contrary: “Twice I’ve already been tricked, I found them wonderful and completely refreshing and I take them back.” Would like any time.”

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