“Battle of the reality stars”: Prince Heinz goes for Elena Miras – TV

"Battle of the reality stars": Prince Heinz goes for Elena Miras - TV

Tears came from these words.

This week again there was a lot of commotion at Star Beach. Rituals can be quiet when there is so much enthusiasm – ronald shill (63) Discovered him. And so he again devoted himself to naked personal hygiene, when the next inhabitants were to be discovered on the horizon.

Paco Herb (26) was the first to trundle ashore and hold hope for aspiring women: “If anything comes, I won’t run away.” Schaefer Heinrich (55) looked a lot more in the 2021 “Love Island” winner than a love-hungry Romeo. He already sensed agricultural potential: “Can you drive a tractor? Then you can help me cut the grass.”

As well as former GNTM candidates larissa (21) Arrived, the shepherd could barely get up: “Today is madness again. That’s where the action happens!” And then a third participant also left in the direction of Sala. “Berlin Day and Night” actors Martin Wernicke (42) was overly fascinated by his former colleagues Jan Leeko (37) Greeting: “You are fat, hey!”

While then a scandal between Jan and Jakic twins Ilona and Susanna (25) led to bitter tears, the next clouds were already rising in the dreamy Thai sky. The ensuing nominations etched deep streaks of worry on the foreheads of Sala residents – a tactic seemed inevitable.

Jan LeekoPhoto: RTLZWEI / Photo: Paris Tsitsos Paris Tsitsos/RTLZWEI

Prince Heinz wants to “behead the snake”

Prince Heinz von Sayn-Wittgenstein (67) had already chosen a scapegoat: “Elena Miras is a human being, if she believes in something, she bites like a bulldog.” He had to share this knowledge with Ronald Schill and Schaefer Heinrich: “She wraps the boys in their hands and they don’t even notice it. And her lady-in-waiting is Sissy.”

Highly focused, Heinz calculated how many more Elena sheep were to hunt: “If we still took Nina Kristin to us, we’d have five votes. Then we could take Elena out.” Ronald agreed to the planned demobilization: “Of course you have to see that the battleships are quickly dismantled.”

Heinz put it even more emphatically: “I’ll chop off the snake’s head. If she thinks she’s the fuckin’ queen… there are more powerful characters here.”

The group later came together again, this time with Yasin Mohammed (30). And again Heinz voiced: “I have respect for it. Still, if I win, I’ll behead the snake.” A proverb that made the sensitive Yasin difficult to handle: “I’m out there.”

He immediately ran to Elena Miras (30) and reported back – and she was furious: “What a disgusting boy!” Heinz reiterated that he thought Elena would rally and control the people. Now Jan Lake is also attacked: “I’m impressed by Elena? Me?”

But Heinz went a step further and blasphemed: “She’s a ghetto bride. You can change your job, but not your past.” Elena burst into tears in the counseling room: “It’s amazing what he said. To me, Heinz is superficial, aloof. He’s manipulative in my eyes and doesn’t fit the show.”

Jan and Sissy have to leave fuckin’

Revenge followed in the “hour of truth”. Elena made short work and nominated the blasphemous prince: “You called me a snake, you said I impress other candidates. Hence: for you!” But after his attack on the twins, John Lake made himself even less popular. He collected the highest number of nominations coins and had to run out.

The newcomers were also allowed to send home a year-old resident and chose Elena’s “Made of Honour”. sissy hoffbauer (26). Saying goodbye didn’t leave her without leaving a few tips for her teammates: “Never hide what you think. Always speak straight. Stay genuine.”

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