Battlefield 6: Full Reveal Trailer Leaked

Battlefield 6: Full Reveal Trailer Leaked

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A few weeks before the expected official announcement of Battlefield 6, a version of the reveal trailer appeared online. The trailer has already shown leaked footage and some new scenes.

The leaks for Battlefield 6 did not stop: After several photos and GIFs of the announcement trailer appeared on the Internet, a version of the full reveal trailer is now circling. There are already known screenshots and GIFs in the trailer, but there are other scenes that indicate the shooter’s specific content.

Next-gen-bombast mit frostbite

According to EA and DICE, Battlefield 6 should provide a “real next generation experience” – and the trailer gives clues as to what that experience should look like in concrete terms. You can see flight sequences, fight scenes and lots of explosions, suggesting a simple action-packed fight spectacle.

Advance warning: The trailer is flickering. Any person who is suffering from epilepsy or is sensitive to such videos should not watch the video.

The actual release, including the publication of the final release trailer, is expected in June 2021. The following details about Battlefield 6 are likely to be due to confirmation or leaks so far:

  • The shooter will have dynamic weather effects and day-night change maps.
  • Battlefill 6 relies on the latest version of the Frostbite engine, which will help take the title to new graphical heights.
  • The Levolution feature is also re-used, but should have a greater impact on gameplay than previous Battlefield parts.
  • There will be cosmetic material that EA plans to use for monetization purposes.
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Battlefield 6 is expected to appear for PCs and older and newer generation consoles. There is no release date yet.

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