“Bauer Sucht Frau” candidate ran

"Bauer Sucht Frau" candidate ran

Peter met Kerstein’s sister Sabine in “Bauer Sucht Frau”.Image: RTL Screenshot

Peter and Kerstin are a potential dream couple from the current season of “Bauer such Frau”: there is a strong rift between the two, and the first kiss has already happened. This year the luck of all the farmers is not so good as there have been some love flops. In the current episode, Kerstin clearly wants to be sure – and subjects Peter to a little acid test.

They both get a chance to meet Kerstin’s sister Sabine, who investigates the farmer: with her as Kerstin. Dog Disappears, Sabine investigates whether Peter might actually be the right person. In the end, his conclusion is positive – but obviously the farmer is not 100 percent comfortable with the whole situation.

“Farmer looking for wife”: Peter under interrogation

While eating the cake, Sabine doesn’t hold back and openly asks what Peter’s thoughts are for a possible future with Kerstin. He replies that he rejects the long distance relationship, but on the other hand he cannot take his farm with him anywhere. Solution: Kerstin could one day move in with her. “I’m already on the same wavelength as Kerstin,” he also assures Sabine.

Kerstin (left) invites her sister Sabine to Peter's farm.

Kerstin (left) invites her sister Sabine to Peter’s farm.Image: RTL Screenshot

Peter, who runs a golf course in addition to traditional agriculture, has actually been met with open ears with his plans – especially the fact that his property offers many possibilities, appreciated by Sabine. Peter’s response to this, in turn:

“This is a guy who knows Kerstin very well. And if she can judge from an outsider that Kerstin fits into the company here, that makes you feel a little bummed.”

“I think she’s very open, friendly, friendly, sociable. Very positive,” Sabine concludes with an optimistic conclusion. She also notes: “Peter passed my sister’s test because I like her and I think she’s very honest.”

Peter runs away

The unexpected encounter could hardly have gone better for Peter – his departure is more sudden when Kerstin returns to the table. “I’m still alive”, he jokes after “interrogation”, only to run away with the following words:

“I have to take a look at the heating. I think it stopped.”

Sabine had an honest conversation with Peter.

Sabine had an honest conversation with Peter.Image: RTL Screenshot

“The excuse was great,” Kerstin later laughs at the RTL cameras. She saw precisely what was happening, but apparently she was not angry with Peter. Sabine’s visit came as a surprise to her and she did very well in conversation. Incidentally, Sabine also shared her impressions with Kerstin and shared them with her Relation Hence his blessings.


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