Bayern: Injured Alfonso Davies misses out on Gold Cup with Canada

Bayern: Injured Alfonso Davies misses out on Gold Cup with Canada
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In 2-3 days he will be healthy and happy again, we know the game.
Jonathan David dropped out last week and is no longer participating.

Almost the same felt in the USMNT.

And what will Canada get out of it?

What will Canada get from this? What should the nation do if all players cancel?

The club is informed of every minor injury, and then they always say “better come back”.
Canada can’t stand here because they really want to achieve a little more in the long run with the “golden generation”. If you stand up to the front, these rejections will not subside.

The fact that Reyna USMNT, Davis and David each had three coaching changes for the new season fits into the picture even better.
Reyna already canceled, with David it sounded like “I’m pretty safe in Lille” for the past few weeks and that’s exactly what happened last week.

He was “the last” to leave the ship as a Davis gift.
Unfortunately, it’s almost like every Gold Cup, because the timing isn’t even the best for players in Europe.

You’re right, Davis would be better off staying with the national team in Canada and playing sports with an ankle injury than going into rehab to recover. sounds good.

The players made it to the European Championship and the players regularly play in the World Cup despite minor injuries. See Hummels for example.

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That players are no longer playing the Gold Cup, it is understandable because of the importance, the user also states.

Of course, Davis may indeed have a problem, but it happens a lot, I don’t understand why you have to give such a controversial response. If I was a fan of USA or Canada, it would have bothered me too.

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